Tuesday, January 17, 2012

2014 Super Bowl Site Decision

The discussion of where 2014 Super Bowl will be played is in full swing.  The new Meadowlands Stadium in New York is a top choice among many..  The first words that come to mind when hearing this host city nominee: bad weather.  The lowest recorded temperature during a Super Bowl game is 39 degrees.  That was documented in Super Bowl VI; since then, the average temperature during Super Bowl games are 63 degrees.  The average high temperature in New York in early February is 32 degrees.  Many argue that NFL players should be able to play in all weather conditions and I couldn't agree with that statement more.  However, players that have played their whole NFL careers in closed complexes, such as domes, are at a complete disadvantage compared to teams that play regularly outdoors in cooler and sometimes wet conditions.

From a sports marketing standpoint, it doesn't get much better than the world's biggest annual sports event being played in the largest media market in the United States.  The Super Bowl is known for one thing to non-football fans: commercials.  Imagine how fast commercial spots will sell and the prices they will sell for. I think it is safe to say that viewers will see some of the most creative commercials ever if New York does get to host the Super Bowl. 

For corporate America, it doesn't get much better from a sponsorship perspective.  Corporate exposure can be maximized like never before because of the media platform this will be played on and the audience the game will draw in.  Throw in Madison Avenue and Wall Street that can make many forms of marketing payoff and the stage will be set for one of the most intriguing Super Bowls in history, no matter who is playing in the game.

As a fan, I want the game to be played in a place that is neutral in terms of playing conditions.  As a marketer and sponsorship guru, New York is where every Super Bowl should be played.  I say, take the teams to warmer weather that allows both teams to showcase their talents to the best of their abilities. The biggest game in sports should be played on an equal playing field so their is no doubt who the better team is.  No excuses necessary.


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