Friday, March 2, 2012

Condom Codes Let Users "Check In" with Smartphones

A Planned Parenthood safe sex promotion is allowing smartphones to scan condoms to show where the rendezvous took place on an Internet map.  This promotion is to encourage safe sex by showing that if people in your neighborhood are having safe sex maybe you should start to consider.

The target audience for this project is college students and millenials, who are already comfortable with social media and to promote healthy sexuality by announcing that they're "proud to wear protection."

I'm not sure how effective this promotion is going to be.  I don't see many college students using this system because most kids won't take the time to scan the condoms.  

I can see where it might be cool to see where you used the condom via an Internet map, but it is also very public.  I know I don't want my sex life to be public, so I highly doubt that I would ever use this promotion.  

Planned Parenthood might think about taking a different route towards promoting safe sex.  The publicity involved with these promotion efforts are too much.  Making my sexual intercourse public is something I have no interest in participating in.  

This promotion could be effective based on the person.  In my eyes, Planned Parenthood would be smart to invest their time in another promotion.

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  1. I agree, Planned Parenthood tried something new but it didn't work. No body wants to check in and let everyone in their social media circle know they are having safe sex. The code is a great idea but the concept behind the code is a little iffy. PP could use the code as a way to upload a safe sex fact to your social media account.