Wednesday, February 29, 2012

High School Athletes Face Critics via Twitter

With national signing day occurring about a month ago, college football teams now know exactly who will be playing under the football program for the next four years.  Oregon received a 5-star recruit (Arik Armstead) out of Sacramento, California.  This is possibly one of the biggest signings in Oregon football history.

All Duck fans are anxious to see what Armstead can bring to the table for, what looks to be, an already stacked 2012 Oregon football team.  Fans from other schools, however, still will not let Armstead live without knowing that they feel he chose the wrong school.

I follow Armstead on Twitter and he has been receiving tweets from opposing school's fans that are disrespectful and inappropriate.  People need to accept the fact that these are 18 year old kids making decisions that they feel are best for them and their future.  To tweet things that can hurt these kids is just wrong.  Luckily, Armstead is very open about the subject and actually laughs at these critics.

This brings me to another point that could use some sort of changing: Twitter.  No matter who you are, nowadays you can talk to anyone via Twitter.  This is unfortunate because of the lack of privacy and things that are said on Twitter that can hurt someone.  Armstead can block people that say such hurtful things, but I think he prefers not to because it motivates him to shut his critics up during the upcoming season.

Either way, Twitter comes down to using common sense and respect towards the people you talk to.  You may disagree with someone on something, but you ultimately make the decision on how you will be perceived.  The internet is in ink, people need to be smart on what/who they write to, and to do so in a respectful manner; no matter if the person is 65 or a kid who has yet to graduate from high school.

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