Monday, February 13, 2012

Desire to tweet stronger than the urge to smoke, drink

Social media is taking over the current world we live in.  A new study released by the University of Chicago's research team found a way to measure the willpower of 205 people between the ages of 18 to 65.

The studies showed that the "desire for media was far tougher to resist than that of sexual urges, spending impulses and alcohol, tobacco and coffee."

This does not come as a surprise to me.  When I think about my daily routine, I notice that I spend a significant amount of time checking my Twitter and Facebook on my phone.  Most days I don't even think about drinking alcohol, coffee or using tobacco.

My phone is always attached to me no matter where I go.  I can say with confidence that almost everyone nowadays has their phone basically attached to them as well.  Smart phones are the most common phones, which allows people to use Twitter and Facebook among other social media sites.

The urge to use social networking is among people of all ages.  The intriguing part of social media is the ability to connect with other people, while displaying what you are/have been doing.  The ability to also post pictures and videos allows connect with others even closer than ever before.

Although our generation is living a rapid growth of technology, I don't see any significant technological advances that take away from our current social media anytime soon.

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