Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The NFL's Pro Bowl needs to be improved

Year after year, the NFL's Pro Bowl seems to be an afterthought amongst NFL fans.  Before last years time change, the Pro Bowl was traditionally played in Hawaii after the Super Bowl.  From my viewpoint once the Super Bowl is over, the NFL season is over.  Which is why no one really watched the Pro Bowl until two years ago, when the game was moved to the week before the Super Bowl.  

However, the Pro Bowl is still lacking a "fun" aspect to it.  For example, during All Star weekend for the NBA, there is the three-point competition, a skills competition and a slam dunk contest that always attracts a large television audience.  The MLB also has their All Star break down as well, with the home run derby being the main focal point of the break.  Both of these games are played in the middle of their respective seasons.

Since the Pro Bowl is played when the season is over, almost all of NFL fans (myself included) couldn't care less about tuning into the program.  The NFL needs to consider a Pro Bowl that is played at some point of the regular season.  This will attract more fans as well as open to a new target audience of people.  

The NFL could also benefit of the adding of a skills competition or some sort of competition between Pro Bowl players, much like the NBA does with the slam dunk contest and the MLB does with the home run derby.  

Once the NFL established the Pro Bowl during the middle of the season, sponsors would benefit as well.  A new target audience would most likely be watching the event, allowing sponsors to market to this audience as well through the apparel worn by players, and the game itself.

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