Thursday, February 16, 2012

Tim Tebow is a symbol for U.S. in 2012

Tim Tebow took America by storm this past year.  Before taking over as the team's starting quarterback, the Denver Broncos were 1-4 and almost certainly looking like a team that would be playing for a top pick in the 2012 NFL draft.  Once Tebow became the full-time starter, something magical happened.

Tebowmania.  Tebow led the Broncos to seven wins out of their next eight games, putting them at an overall 8-5 record and clinching a spot in the playoffs.  The Broncos first-round playoff opponent was the defending AFC champion Pittsburgh Steelers.  The Broncos were not favored, but the two advantages the team did have was that the game was going to be played at Denver, and the Broncos had Tim Tebow.

Over the course of the game I felt as though the Steelers would eventually pull away with their clutch and proven quarterback Ben Roethlisberger.  I was wrong.  The game went into overtime and on the first play, Tebow hit a crossing Demaryius Thomas for an 80-yard touchdown to win the game.  Although the Broncos lost in the next round to the New England Patriots, the season felt as though it was a major success in the eyes of many.  Tebow revitalized a team that was left for dead and instilled hope, ultimately willing the Broncos to heights that NFL enthusiasts had never seen before.

Tim Tebow is the definition of a success story.  He worked hard to take over the starting quarterback job and proved critics wrong.  This is what marketing companies are looking for in 2012, an athlete that is a star, yet humble.  Today, talent and success mean less to brands that did even a few years ago.

Tebowmania is what the 2012 economy is all about.  People have been kicked around in this economy: losing their jobs, losing retirement accounts and saw disappearing equity in their homes.  Tebow too was kicked around.  Through all of this, however, Tebow stayed humble, remained faithful and focused.  In a way, he represents the American citizen, fighting in the face of challenges given by these troubling economic times.

Our country is moving toward the marketability of the "regular guy" heroes, which gives people like Tebow hope for the future.

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